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Badminton is a Paralympic sport, officially becoming part of the Paralympic Games in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games. Manitoba Badminton Association believes badminton is a sport for everyone, and should be accessible to all. Para-badminton reaches those with physical impairment giving access and fair play. This page hopes to share resources and programs relating to para-badminton, and para-badminton within Manitoba.  




There are six sport classes to ensure fairness in the sport, classified below (taken from the BWF website on para-badminton). 

Wheelchair 1 WH 1
Players in this class require a wheelchair to play badminton. Players in this Sport Class usually have impairment in both lower limbs and trunk function.

Wheelchair 2 WH 2
A player in this class could have impairment in one or both lower limbs and minimal or no impairment of the trunk. Players are required to play on a wheelchair in this class.

Standing Lower SL 3
In this class a player must play standing. The player could have impairment in one or both lower limbs and poor walking/running balance.

Standing Lower SL 4
A second standing class where the player has a lesser impairment compared to Sport Class SL 3. The player could have impairment in one or both lower limbs and minimal impairment in walking/running balance.

Standing Upper SU 5
The players in this class have impairment of the upper limbs.The impairment could be on the playing or non playing hand.

Short Stature SH 6
These are players who have a short stature due to a genetic condition often referred to as “dwarfism”.





Badminton Canada Introduction to Para-Badminton - Badminton Canada’s introduction to para-badminton. 

Official Para-Badminton Classifications - Badminton Canada’s classification lists and explanations. 

BWF Para badminton - Badminton World Federation’s information on para-badminton. 

BWF Para-Badminton Classification Forms - Badminton World Federation’s classification forms and explanations. 

Coaching Athletes with a Disability | CAC - Coaching Association of Canada’s information on coaching athletes with a disability. 

No Accidental Champions: LTAD for Athletes with a Disability (2nd Edition) - A document on effective training, planning and coaching for long term athlete development for athletes with a disability. 

Training Athletes with a Physical Disability - A document outlining how to work on the 5 “S’s” of LTAD, strength, stamina, suppleness, speed, and skill. 

Quality Sport Checklist for Communities and Clubs - Sport for Life’s checklist to help communities and clubs be inclusive and effective. 

Manitoba Wheelchair Sports - Manitoba’s association for wheelchair sports.




Manitoba's Olivia Meier heads to the Tokoyo Paralympics! 

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With questions about the Para-Badminton program in Manitoba, please contact [email protected]