Shuttle Time


Badminton Manitoba is now proud to offer BWF's Shuttle Time Schools Badminton Program

Coaching Canada has now recognized Shuttle Time as a certification course under the National Coach Certification Program (NCCP)

Shuttle Time achieves 8 out of 12 Basic Movements under the Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) according to Physical & Health Education Canada (PHE Canada)


Anybody can be a badminton coach with Shuttle Time, because the program comes complete with:

  • 23 key lesson plans separated into Bronze, Silver & Gold difficulty
  • Over 90 instructional videos
  • An App for your Tablet/Phone
  • A good ol' fashioned Instructional Manual
  • 8 hour clinic with Badminton Manitoba to show teachers/parents/volunteers/others how to use the resources

Course Requirements:

  • 6 hours of court time
  • $165/participant
  • No prior experience necessary


Contact Executive Director Melanie Cure at Badminton Manitoba today to organize Shuttle Time in Your School!


[email protected]