Non-NCCP Coaching Clinics

Custom Made School Coaching Clinics

Badminton Manitoba Specializes Coaches Clinics for School Teachers:

Grades 1-4 - Introduce equipment, basic functional movements (swinging implement, balance, lateral movement, etc.) and concepts using Games and Activities that are focused on classroom management.

Grades 5-8 - Introduce laws of badminton and basic techniques using drills, modified games and specialized activities.  We also introduce coaches to the basics of proper technique so they can provide skill development to after-school badminton teams.  This is typically a mix between classroom management and running a school badminton team.

Grades 9-12 - More advanced topics include footwork, shot technique, strategy (tactics) and analyzing performance.  This section is typically more focused on badminton teams, but can include general class prep if interested.

Coaching Clinics are hand-made according to your school or division's needs.  Clinics can also be adapted for community centres or independent groups.

Investment: $50/hour

Extra charges may apply if located outside Winnipeg Boundaries or if # of teachers exceeds 10