B&C Eligibility

Players will be considered “A” players if any of the following apply:


Participated in an Open or Junior National or higher level Tournament in the current or previous MBA Membership season.  This includes Junior National

Championships, National Championships (Open) as well as any tournament that is part of the Junior Elite or Senior Elite circuit.  This does not include

National or International Masters Competitions.


Reached a semi-final in Provincial Championships, Herb Richard Manitoba Open or any other 1.0 tier tournament in Manitoba in the current or previous

MBA Membership season.


The above criteria are exclusively applicable to specific events in the “A” division.  For example, a player who makes an “A” semi-final in Women’s Doubles

at Provincial Championships is not excluded from participating in Women’s Singles or Mixed Doubles.



In the case of doubles and mixed doubles, a team is only ineligible if both players are “A” players according to the above-mentioned criteria. In other

words, an “A” player according to the above mentioned criteria may play in B&C Championships if he or she registers with a non-“A”-player.



An “A” player whose exclusion is due to participation in an Open or Junior National Tournament may only register to play in B&C Championships in

Mens/Ladies Doubles and Mixed Doubles, and only if he or she registers with a non-A player.Players must be at least fifteen (15) years of age at the start

of the tournament.