Premier Series


Premier Series




The Premier Series tournaments are Manitoba’s highest profile badminton tournaments and feature the top players in Manitoba and Canada. These tournaments include the Pal Chawla Junior Open, WWC Junior Open, the Yonex Provincial Junior Championships and for senior play include: the Yonex Herb Richard Open and the Yonex Provincial Championships. 



The Premier Series tournaments feature the following services and benefits:

• Top quality feather shuttles

• Provincially Certified Head Referee, Deputy Referee & Umpires

• T-Shirt Souvenirs

• Massage or Athletic Therapy

• Winner & Runner-Up Prizes, including travel credits to be used for National Championships

• Consistent Tournament Signage & Tournament “Look & Feel”

• Tournament Banquet &/or Complimentary Meal

• Annual Plaques & Trophies Engraved with Winners Names