Board of Directors

The Manitoba Badminton Association Inc. is a non-profit association governed by a group of between six (6) and ten (10) volunteers.

The volunteers are elected by the members of the association at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) via silent vote.

Volunteer board members serve a two-year term with the association.  As a board member's second term is coming to a close, they must re-submit their interest to be on the board again if they wish to serve consecutive term.  If there are more nominated individuals than there are spots to be filled, the nominees will be elected by the members of the association via silent vote.  Past board members are not given free access to serve a consecutive term.

Volunteers can serve a maximum of three (3) terms in a row, which is six (6) consecutive years.

The Board of Directors are the major stakeholders of the association and are mainly responsible for policy review and development.


Any questions/concerns/comments that you would like to address directly to the board may be sent to: [email protected]


The current board of directors are:

President: Barrington Nichols

Vice President: Ardelle Martin

Secretary: Dan Savard

Treasurer: Darren Pun

Board Representatives: Yuns Oh, Paul Hur, Marco Chan, Elliott Beals


2019-20 BOD Meeting Minutes: CLICK HERE