*NEW* for 2021-2022 — School Team Membership Package

For the first time, the MBA is now offering a School Team Membership, with two packages available!

This membership affiliates your team with the Association and supports the overall effort to build badminton in the province by connecting you to the greater community and providing much-needed resources and benefits, including:
 — 2021-2022 Individual Base Membership for all registered members (value of $10/athlete)
 — 2021-2022 Individual Coaching License for registered volunteer coaches (value of $25/coach)
 — access to MBA's school team competitions
 — Yonex Shuttle Return Program (Package 2 only): 1 shuttle per athlete registered
 — MBA website representation
 — 1 free coach or athlete clinic per season
 — MBA support and assistance when needed

Head to our School Team Membership page for more info!

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