2020 Yonex Pal Chawla MB Junior Open

Draws are now posted.


2020 Yonex Pal Chawla MB Junior Open



Thursday February 6 - Sunday February 9, 2020



Winnipeg Winter Club


200 River Avenue

Winnipeg MB





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Categories and Events:


U19/U17/U15 - Boys and Girls Singles, Boys and Girls Doubles, Mixed Doubles


U13 - Singles and Doubles (Gender combined)




U19 - Born 2002 or later

U17 - Born 2004 or later

U15 - Born 2006 or later

U13 - Born 2008 or later.


Participants must have an active current 2019/2020 season Provincial or National membership.

(Membership purchase or upgrade is available at time of registration)

The competition will be conducted under the official rules of Badminton Canada.



$50.00 - 1 event

$60.00 - 2 or 3 events


Manual Registrations subject to a $10 admin fee.
Late registrations are not guaranteed to be accepted, however if they are accepted they will be subject to a $10 late fee & $10 manual fee, & individuals may not be included in seeding.


Entry fees are payable on-line at the time of registration.


Registration Deadline:

Thursday January 30, 2020 @ 11:59 pm


Having problems registering? Contact Marj at [email protected]


Included in Tournament:


Tournament Souvenir, Feather Shuttles, Medals, Saturday Lunch, Referees and Umpires, Livescore for Finals


Shuttles: Yonex Feather Shuttles will be used.


Draw Date:


Draws will be posted online Wednesday, February 5, 2020



Tournament Description:

The Manitoba Junior Open is the first of two junior provincial championships in the year. "Open" refers to the tournament's policy on allowing players who are not permanent residents of Manitoba to attend. This tournament always attracts players from all over Manitoba, however sometimes players will come from Ontario and/or Saskatchewan to compete as well.


The tournament was named after Pal Chawla in 2011 following his retirement due to his illustrious career as the Head Badminton Pro at Winnipeg Winter Club for 40 years. Since then Pal Chawla has been inducted into the Badminton Canada Hall of Fame and can be seen around the Winter Club mingling with friends.





Refund Policy: Badminton Manitoba does not permit refunds of MBA Memberships or Tournament Registration Fees unless requests are accompanied by a medical note or immediate family crisis.



 Players must make themselves available for the entirety of the event, and personal situations will not be taken into consideration for timing purposes.

Players who live more than 100km outside of Winnipeg will not be required to play on Thursday.


Due to the speed of play being unpredictable, participants are asked to be ready a minimum of 45 minutes prior to their posted match. It is ultimately the player's responsibilityto be present for the start of their match.


The tournament will enforce a strict 10-minute disqualification rule and 2-minute warm-up rule.


Clothing: Participants must have an indoor change of clothing and non-marking athletic shoes


Equipment: Participants must bring their own racquets


Volunteers: If you would like to volunteer at the draw desk, please contact Elliott Beals at [email protected]


Coaching: Only coaches and players are allowed on the field of play. Coaches must present their valid Badminton Manitoba Membership and Respect In Sport Certification to receive a coaching badge. Only 2 coaches allowed per court, and coaches must sit on the same side as their athletes if on the field of play.


Approximate Schedule of Play:


All times may vary based on match lengths. Please be aware that matchs may be played earlier or later than scheduled and that athletes are expected to be ready to play.


Thursday: 5:30pm - Boys and Girls Singles 

(Players living an hour or more outside of Winnipeg will have their singles matches deferred to Friday)


Friday: 5:00pm - Boys and Girls Singles


Saturday: 9:00am - Boys Doubles, Girls Doubles, Mixed Doubles


Sunday: 9:00am - Finals (Main rounds and Consolation)


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