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NAIG 2023 Tryouts
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City:Prairie Badminton (Winnipeg)

2022 Manitoba Indigenous Championship & NAIG2023 Tryout


May 28-29, 2022

Prairie Badminton
(2-275 De Baets St, Winnipeg)


U16 & U19


U16 — Born in 2007 or later
U19 — Born in 2004 or later

Athletes must be full-time residents of Manitoba.
As per MASRC, participants must be able to prove Indigenous status.


U19 & U16 — BS/GS/BD/GD/XD

U19 & U16 — Round Robin & Playoff

COST (U16 & U19)
$20 payable on-site at the tryout to MASRC (cash, debit, credit)
Registration done through MASRC here

The competition will be conducted under the official rules of Badminton Canada.

match shuttles (Yonex Mavis 350)

Friday, May 27th, 2022 @ 11:59 am
*walk-on registration possible until 9:30am on Saturday, May 28*

Having trouble registering? Contact us at [email protected]


Saturday at 9am: registration, same-day walk-on registration, and warmup
*athletes registering on-site for NAIG2023 tryouts must arrive no later than 9:30am*
Saturday at 10:30am: Singles, followed by Doubles and Mixed Doubles
Sunday at 9am: (if necessary)



Players must make themselves available for the entirety of the event. Due to the unpredictability of speed of play, athletes are expected to be ready well ahead of their scheduled match time.
The tournament will enforce a 10-minute disqualification rule and a 2-minute warm-up rule.
Reasonable requests for late starts or timing accomodations are not guaranteed to be accepted and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

For field-of-play access, coaches must hold a valid (confirmed or pending) 2021-2022 MBA Coaching License.
Only one coach will be allowed to be present behind the court during any match.

All athlete-participants, coaches, and officials may participate in or attend this event.
Well-fitting masks (N95s or KN95s preferred) are to be properly worn by all participant-athletes at all times when not actively playing on court. Spectators, coaches, officials, and volunteers are to remain masked unless actively eating or drinking. (The MBA will have N95 masks available on site.)
All individuals are required to complete and sign a daily waiver and pre-screening form to access MBA events.
Any individuals displaying symptoms or having been exposed to COVID symptoms prior to or during the event will be expected to withdraw (please note the new MBA COVID-19 Program Refund Policy). The tournament referee or tournament host reserves the right to remove a participant from the draw and ask them to leave if they if they are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. The tournament referee or host reserves the right to ask an individual to leave if they are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. 
MBA or the tournament host reserve the right to limit spectator capacity.

The tournament referee or tournament host reserves the right to remove athletes or individuals for non-compliance. Failure to comply with tournament protocols could affect a member's standing.

Badminton Manitoba does not permit refunds of MBA Memberships.
Badminton Manitoba does not permit refunds of tournament registration fees unless requests are accompanied by a medical note or immediate family crisis. This does not apply to partial fee refunds if an athlete paid for 2-3 categories and was unable to secure a partner (thus only competing in 1 event).

MBA COVID-19 Program Refund Policy
If a participant-athlete develops symptoms of COVID-19 or is exposed to COVID-19 before or during the event, a 100% or partial refund (if the exposure takes place between events) will be granted. No medical note will be required.

In consideration of the acceptance of this entry in the name of the 2022 Manitoba Indigenous Championship/NAIG2023 Tryout, I, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, waive any claims to which I may become entitled for injury or damage, and release the MBA, the MASRC and all other organizers, sponsors, representatives, their agents and employees and any other person or organization assisting in this event from any claims for damages or injury suffered by me as a result of my participation in, or traveling to, or from, this event, notwithstanding that any such loss, injury or damage may have arisen by reason of the negligence of anyone or more of the aforesaid parties, their servants, agents or employees. I further state that I am in proper physical condition to participate in this program and am aware that participation could, in some circumstances, result in physical injury. I also give my permission for the free use of my name and picture in broadcast, telecast, or written account of this program.

If you would like to volunteer at the draw desk, please contact us at [email protected]