Badminton Online

The internet is a great tool, especially when it comes to watching and learning about Badminton online. Manitoba Badminton has comprised a page's worth of youtube accounts and websites that should be enough to satisfy any Badminton fan's desires. 


If you would like to keep up to date with Manitoba's Provincial atheletes: Provincial coach Justin Friesen records most of the matches that Manitobans play in national tournaments and uploads them to youtube. You can watch their footage here:


Make sure to keep up to date with Canadian Badminton Players Toby Ng and Alex Bruce

Although Michelle Li does not have a youtube account dedicated solely to her, videos of her matches are relatively easy to find online. 


If you are looking to watch International Badminton: The Badminton World Federation records most international matches and puts them on youtube with great commentary: 

There are also continent specific events with their own youtube channels:

Pan Am Games 

European Championships and non BWF covered European Tournaments:


Unfortunately these do miss quite a few matches, but fortunately other independent youtube accounts post video footage of the missed matches. Here are some handpicked users:

1. Badminton Universe (covers solely the Denmark Open)

2. BWF Club 

3. Badminton 4U 

4. BadmintonTalk Badminton


If you are simply looking for badminton Highlights and News, Manitoba Badminton recommends the following handpicked youtube accounts:

1. Tsing Shi Tao

2. Park Eun Wan

3. Shuttle Flash

4. Badland movie (Watch Japan Open Special Edition)

5. Nice Camera Badminton

6. Badminton Flash

7. Badminton Highlights and Crazy Shots

8. Chromax Badminton

9. Gounsa007


Looking to improve your game? There are many opportunities to learn online.

Check them out here


Sick and tired of video footage?

Keep up to date with all of the latest tournaments, world rankings and olympic qualification on the BWF website:

While you're there, check out the more user-friendly BWF fansite: