Individual Memberships

Purchase Your Individual Membership


Individual MBA Memberships range from $10 - $40 per year.  The MBA membership will apply to athletes, coaches, officials and anybody attending an MBA event (Ex. AGM, Clinic, etc.), and may be purchased by contacting the MBA office.


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Individual Memberships

The MBA Membership is mandatory for taking part in any MBA programming including tournaments, tryouts, MBA programs, coaching clinics (NCCP), annual general meeting, summer camps, etc.


All Memberships are purchased through Tournament Software (instructions below). To update/monitor your membership, please log in to your Tournament Software account. 


If you are having difficulties and require assistance, please email

"How To" Register Using Tournament Software (Online)


Introduction (Applies to All): All of our Membership, Tournament and Program Registrations are sourced though software called "tournament software" for the purpose of creating consistency throughout all the Provinces as well as Badminton Canada, so no matter what badminton event you register for that is hosted by Badminton Manitoba, Badminton Canada or any of the other Provincial Badminton Organizations, you will be able to use the same username and password.
We would advise you to use a username and password that you can remember, as well as record them down and keep them in a safe spot.  Once your profile is set up you can always go back to it to edit your personal details, sport information and club info.  To access these options you must A) login with your username and password and B) click on your name.  You will then have full access to change your information and/or add your member id.  All your information is saved so every time you sign up for something you just log in first and all your information is automatically entered into the tournament, program or membership your are trying to register for.  This process is consistent for first-time participants all the way to our Olympic bound athletes.  There are three types of memberships that you can purchase - Athlete, Coach & Official.  All three membership allow you the same access and benefits, however please choose the option that best represents your purpose for registration.
Purchasing a New MBA Membership:
To purchase an MBA Membership, please click HERE 
You will then be able to choose where you wish to purchase a membership. Choose Badminton Manitoba. Follow the prompts. If you are wanting to register your child in our programs, the account MUST be made in the child's name, using his/her information.
Payments are made by credit card this software will automatically send you a registration confirmation and receipt. If your registration is for a child that is 16 years of age or younger than you may use these receipts for your Child Fitness Tax Rebate (up to $500.00/year).  You will also be notified when the Tournament Organizer (myself) downloads the entries so you know that I've checked them and am processing the registrations.
Thanks, and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us at
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