National Coach Certification Program (NCCP)


The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is the system used by most sporting organizations in Canada for developing coaches in their specific sports. The new NCCP program for badminton has 3 streams; Community Sport, Competition and Instruction. Each stream may have a variety of courses available. While these streams are currently under development the Competition programs are still available.

Regional Coach (old Level 1) consists of 3 modules; Module 1 - Planning a Practice, Module 2 - Making Ethical Decisions and Module 3 - Technical/Tactical Basics. These 3 modules are designed to give every coach the essential knowledge necessary to adequately and confidently deliver quality practices to beginner level athletes. While the old system required theory courses to be taken at Coaching Manitoba the new system has these courses integrated into the modules. The course (usually) runs over a weekend (Saturday & Sunday) and is approximately 8 hours per day. o

Provincial Coach (old Level 2) consists of 2 modules; Module 4 - Design a Basic Sport Program and Basic Mental Skills and Module 5 - Technical/Tactical Foundations. These modules build on the knowledge acquired in the Regional Coach program and build on them. Coaches will learn how to create a sound Badminton program and learn more advanced coaching techniques and skills. 

Another important aspect to the new NCCP System is the importance of Professional Development. Coaches are expected to be constantly learning and improving their abilities, just as their athletes do. The Professional Development requirement varies based off of the the athlete level the coach works with. These requirements are outlined during the courses.

DON'T WORRY: *Any coaches that achieved certification in the old system will be transferred over according to their last fully certified level. For example, if a coach was Level 1 Certified and working towards becoming Level 2 Certified, but had yet to complete it, they will be transferred over to Regional Coach Certified.*

If you are looking to become a coach/advance your coaching, but are not sure where you fit in with the NCCP program, consult the following page:

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The MBA is proud to use this system for their coaches and the compensation received from coaching is based on a coaches level of certification. The compensation rates are as follows:

Level 1 Technical - $10/hr

Level 1 Fully Certified - $12/hr

Level 2 Technical - $14/hr

Level 2 Fully Certified - $16/hr

Level 3 Fully Certified - $20/hr

All coaches can be expected to be paid according to their certification level.

We would like to encourage all coaches in Manitoba to work towards increasing their level of certification to benefit badminton in Manitoba.


Respect in Sport - Mandatory for All Coaches



The Manitoba Badminton Association (MBA) is proud to partner with Sport Manitoba and embrace the Respect in Sport program to help ensure a safe and positive environment for all participants.  Respect in Sport (RIS) is an on-line training course designed to assist coaches, regardless of their sport, in identifying and dealing with issues of abuse, neglect, harassment and bullying.  It is designed to complement current coaching certification requirements.

 Former NHL player Sheldon Kennedy is championing Respect in Sport as its spokesperson.  This initiative is fully endorsed by the Province of Manitoba, Sport Manitoba, Coaching Manitoba and the MBA.

"Sheldon is an active crusader in raising awareness of abuse and the negatives that can occur and we are pleased to support his efforts" said Eric Robinson, the minister responsible for Sport.  "We are being proactive in ensuring that a safe haven exists for sport participants and Manitoba is proud to be a leader in this respect."

The three-hour course can be taken at the coach’s leisure, in its entirety or in separate half-hour modules. Coaches will be required to complete the course by the end of December 2007. There is no cost to the coach and the program will provide for recertification after the third and fifth year. Sport Manitoba and Provincial Sport Organizations will monitor the participation of coaches.

Respect in Sport is available in both English and French. Future plans include development and implementation of a Respect in Sport program geared toward parents.

Check out this fun video that explains more about the NCCP program!