Respect in Sport Certification

All coaches, athletes or parents wanting to coach at tournaments this year now need to have a current Respect in Sport Certification.


If you haven't already, please be sure to take the Respect in Sport course at the link provided below. 

It is a free online course that is mandatory for all our coaches to take who wish to coach on court at Badminton MB sanctioned events or programs. 

This is mandated by our governing body Sport Manitoba for the protection and safety of all the coaches and athletes in sport, and they WILL follow up with us to make sure that all our coaches are following through with this requirement, and any disobedience to this requirement will be reflected in an evaluation of our sport funding.


Coaches who present their RiS Certification and Current Valid MBA Membership will receive a temporary coaching accreditation at MBA Sanctioned Tournaments. 

Only those who have this pass will be allowed to coach on court at tournaments.


Thank you for your participation in making our sport safer for everybody.


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