Message from MBA's Board of Directors

Badminton in Winnipeg has seen a decline in the number of its badminton clubs over the years that included the Winnipeg Canoe Club's board resigning in 1993 and the facility being demolished in 2006 and the demolition of the Wildwood Club in 2014.

 This situation is about to change with Prairie Badminton opening a new dedicated badminton facility on June 1, 2019.

Prairie Badminton is a private company that is owned and fully funded through the efforts of Ryan Giesbrecht and Justin Friesen who are both dedicated individuals currently employed by Badminton Manitoba as Executive Director and Provincial Coach respectively.

 While Badminton Manitoba has provided no funding towards the establishment of Prairie Badminton, it will be running this year's summer camps at this new facility due essentially to the fact that it is not considered a viable option to coordinate separate camps this year at the Winnipeg Winter Club as they are running their own summer camps.

Effective September 2019, Badminton Manitoba will be resorting to a sealed bid process for the delivery of its future programs and tournaments.

Badminton Manitoba commends Ryan and Justin's efforts in establishing this new facility which helps elevate the sport and puts Winnipeg on the map along with other major Canadian cities with a dedicated badminton only facility.

The board will be working closely with both Ryan and Justin who will continue their positions with Badminton Manitoba to ensure a smooth transition and for their replacements in due course.


The badminton community is invited to send any questions, comments or suggestions on any matters related to it's activities and badminton to the board at it's dedicated email at: [email protected]

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